Almeida, Frederico Normanha Ribeiro de

University of Campinas
10 Jan 2016 to 08 Feb 2016
Experience in Oñati: 

Frederico Almeida
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil
10 January - 8 February 2016

I have concentrated my research on criminalisation of social movements and political protest, in order to define an analytical framework to my current research project on the legal responses to urban protests in Brazil in 2013. I have realized that there are few studies on that issue, what forced me to look for others related areas of studies: criminalisation in general, political justice, law and social movements, police repression of protest and cause lawyering. In this sense, my stay at the IISL was very productive, since I had the chance to access many important studies on those issues, which allowed me to build up an analytical framework to understand the state responses to urban protests in contemporary Brazil. I also had the opportunity to present my research project and my reflections to the Master Program’s students.

The IISL provided me all the necessary conditions to conduct my research at its rich Library and to work at a confortable office. The four weeks stay in Oñati also gave me the necessary peace and immersion to reflect about my research and to construct its analytical framework.