13 Oct 2015
06 Oct 2015

Globalisation and Governance: Regulating Global Crises?

Findlay, Mark (University of Sydney and University of Edinburgh)
18 Mar 2015

Economic Crisis in systems theory perspective

Muszyński, Karol (Fundacja Kaleckiego, Poland)
12 Feb 2015

Film Policy in the Basque Country: language, identity and nation

Manías Muñoz, Miren (EHU/UPV and University of Glasgow)
20 Jan 2015

Restorative Justice in Brazil: towards a critical approach

Achutti, Daniel (University La Salle, Brazil)
19 Nov 2014
05 Nov 2014

Transformations of the Rule of Law: Legal, liberal and neo

Krygier, Martin (University of New South Wales, Australia)