18 Mar 2015

Economic Crisis in systems theory perspective

Muszyński, Karol (Fundacja Kaleckiego, Poland)
12 Feb 2015

Film Policy in the Basque Country: language, identity and nation

Manías Muñoz, Miren (EHU/UPV and University of Glasgow)
20 Jan 2015

Restorative Justice in Brazil: towards a critical approach

Achutti, Daniel (University La Salle, Brazil)
19 Nov 2014
05 Nov 2014

Transformations of the Rule of Law: Legal, liberal and neo

Krygier, Martin (University of New South Wales, Australia)
22 Oct 2014

Internet access: a quest for rights between where and nowhere

Maroni, Marta (University of Helsinki, Finland)
01 Oct 2014