Social Theory of Law

4 Mar 2019 to 8 Mar 2019

In this course the students are invited to join me in discussing my personal journey into the sociology of law over the last forty years. The trajectory could be summarized as: learning that there is a south, learning to go south, learning from the south. Two ideas will be emphasized: the deep mutual intertwining of intellectual and political work; the importance of paying attention to the social, political, cultural and epistemological diversity of the world holding a cosmopolitan conception of science and law. In the last fifteen years I have submitted my previous theorizing on law to a more profound epistemological, methodological and pedagogical questioning. The source of such questioning is what I call the epistemologies of the south. Much of my most recent work is a work in progress to which the students are invited to join me.


Session 1: unsuspected trajectories to build a sociological theory of law

Session 2: Law and the epistemologies of the south

Session 3: A legal sociology of absences: law and abyssal exclusions

Session 4: A legal sociology of emergences: post-abyssal legal pluralism

Session 5: Law, democracy and revolution