Mulrooney, Kyle

Master thesis: 
Delinquency Professionals: the Influence, Extension and Adoption of the Culture of Control
Experience in Oñati: 

Information provided under my comments on the IISL website: Both the IISL and Onati are very special places to me. It is hard to describe in such few words the beauty of Onati and the Basque Country, the superior program offered by the IISL, and the wonderful professors and students who comprise it. That being said, when I reflect on my fond memories, four main components of my experience come to mind which make the IISL and Onati places I will never forget. They are; the program, the professors, the town/country and, of course, the students. The program is special and unique both in its composition and organization. Being taught sociology of law by some of the worlds leading professors with a group of academically driven students from all across the globe provides a wonderful environment in which to live and learn. The multiplicity of ideas floating around a discussion at a given time, combined with a mutual respect for academia and one another, created some learning experiences I will never forget. The program itself is outstanding, and while challenging, the professors, scientific director and staff at the IISL are phenomenal people who take the time to work with each and every student. The relationship between the students and faculty is what contributes to the uniqueness of this program and what I am sure contributes to the continued excellence of many students who attend the IISL. Onati is a beautiful place to live, learn and study. Peaceful and tranquil while also offering the opportunity for some adventure. I can recount numerous memories of trekking up the mountains surrounding Onati, enjoying various festivals or visiting the local ciderias. Not to mention that larger cities such as San Sebastian , Bilbao and Santander are just around the corner. To me Onati offered the best of both worlds, one where I could focus and study and the other where I could explore and grow. This makes for the perfect environment in which to engage in the rigorous MA program set up by the institute. The IISL provided me with the necessary tools to gain admission to an outstanding PhD. program ( Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Global and Cultural Criminology ) . I thank the staff, professors, scientific directors, people of Onati and the students who shared this experience with me. I will return to the IISL many times in the near future as I know my upcoming work will require the use of their extensive library and I will require the feeling one gets from just being in Onati. During my time at the IISL I grew personally and academically in increments I never thought possible. I have forged lasting friendships while being academically stimulated and prepared for my Doctoral work ahead. I recommend the IISL to anyone who is looking for an academic challenge accompanied by the memories of a lifetime. Eskerrik asko.