Kipping, Gerdjan

The Netherlands
Master thesis: 
Implementation of ILO Convention Nº111.The example of the Netherlands
Experience in Oñati: 

I do think that my studies at the IISL helped me to develop myself both as a jurist and as a person. During the master I learned to view law from a different angle. Not only because of the interesting programme, but also because of the diverse group of students. Living together with different cultures ín a different cultures helped me developing my social skills and learned me to place my own culture in perspective. The master programme was as diversive as the student group with mostly very enthusiastic teachers who were experienced researchers or legal professionals as well. As we were only the 4th master class, the IISL still had to develop itself as well and would like to think that we helped the IISL with that too, because of our constructive feedback. I regularly think back of Oñati and have visited it occasionally on holidays, as I have remained a strong friendship with my Basque friends in Donostia. I have remained contact with five of my fellow students (which is even easier nowadays with the help of social media) and have visited two of them in their home countries. I have a lot of fond memories. Wandering alone through the university building during the evening with my private key, working as the first student assistant of the ISSL in the library with Sole and at the documentation centre with Elvira, the diner/dancing parties at the residence when a visiting professor would leave, running with the bulls at the fiesta de San Miguel and walking through deep snow on the flanks Aloña Mendi and visiting Bar Galicia almost daily, even after midnight after have finished homework. The best memories though are the hospitality of the local staff and the Oñatiarras and the friendship with my fellow students. Thank you for that IISL and Oñati and happy birthday. May the next 25 years be as beautiful.