Giampietro, Nicola

Master thesis: 
No Master Thesis
Experience in Oñati: 

Onati has been a crucial part of my cultural and personal vocational education. In the Italian university career I have not been able to draw much benefit from this experience because not having discussed the Master's thesis and also because I left university carrier. But all the training received by the various courses I served as the cultural baggage staff. Onati was important for better understanding the socio-legal matter, to compare my Italian socio-legal knowledge in international field, last but not list for learning English as an important tool. I remember almost all of my time to Onati since I came from when I arrived for the first time at the airport of Bilbao until I left the Residencia with the car of my friend Francesca Vianello with Alberto Dreossi. I remember my first discussion in English. I remember so many friends and trips around Onati. What I can say is that both the studies that life in the residence were in 1996, very well organized.