Bamihas, Vassilis

Master thesis: 
No Master Thesis
Experience in Oñati: 

I met at Oñati many distinguished professors from all over the world, each one of them contributing their ideas, experience and character in an academic ambience I have never met elsewhere before or since. Thus I got extremely encouraged in my studies and have been given the necessary enthusiasm to continue studying Sociology of Law, alongside History and Philosophy of Law at the Thessaloniki University Law School , Theory of Law at the “ European Academy for the Theory of Law, in Brussels , as well as at the University of Leeds Law School. I consider of great importance, on the one hand, that the courses were conducted in English, on the other that the friends I met in Euskadi had the enormous patience and irrefutable good-will to teach me Spanish. I have excellent memories of strong friendships, international ones, with Spanish, Italians, Dutch, Finns, Palestinians, Mexicans, Hungarians and of course with locals. I vividly remember the feeling of having been accepted by the inhabitants of O ñati as part of their everyday lives. I recall long working nights, legendary dinners at the Old Residence, suppers at local restaurants, drives at Gasteiz and the coast…I spent six months there and have forever built a bridge from my heart to Euskadi and Spain . PS It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the staff at the institute, they have all been great to us.