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Letter from the Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Adam Czarnota It has been a year of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Institute and the Institute organised a big congress for almost 300 participants. It once again proved that the Institute in Onati is a focus place for the world socio-legal community.

The Institute, like all publicly funded institutes must prove its relevance to a range of different groups, and this is particularly important in a time of budget constraints. On the economic side the position of the Institute did not improve, but stabilised due to generous subsidies from the Basque Government. We are grateful to the current Basque government for continuing financial support and interest in the IISL in this difficult economic time. [+info]

13 - 24 October 2014

Course on "Socio-Legal Research Theory and Practice: Quantitative Methods" (+info)
by Prof. Herbert Kritzer (+info)

22nd October 2014

Talk on "Internet Access: a quest for rights between where and nowhere" given my Marta Maroni (+info)

22nd October 2014

Visiting Scholar - Esen Ezgi Tascioglu (Turkey). PhD at "Renato Treves" International PhD Programme in Law and Society [+info]

2014 Chiba Grant awarded to...

Gloria Amparo Rodríguez

Gloria Amparo Rodríguez (Colombia)
Research Project: Derecho de los pueblos indígenas de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia): oportunidades y limitaciones para la prevención y solución de conflictos ambientales en su territorio.

Laura Edith Saavedra HernándezLaura Edith Saavedra Hernández (Mexico)
Research Project: Construyenco justicia(s) más allá de la ley: las experiencias de las mujeres indígenas tseltales que participan con el centro de derechos de la mujer de Chiapas, A.C.

Sortuz: New issue just published

Vol. 6, n. 1 (2014): IISL 25 Anniversary Issue

Sortuz: Vol. 6, n. 1 (2014): IISL 25 Anniversary IssueAdam Czarnota: Post-Communist Rule of Law in Post-Democratic European Union. A sceptical legal sociologist’s reflections on European Unity [+Download PDF]

Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo: Las transformaciones de la producción y divulgación del conocimiento jurídico en Venezuela de la segunda mitad del siglo XX [+Download PDF]

Joxerramon Bengoetxea: Trilema: Crisis, Democracia y Federalismo en Europa [+Download PDF]

Volkmar Gessner: The Use of Social Science Information in Law Comment on the British Inquiry Report (2006) [+Download PDF]

Manuel Calvo García: Positivismo Jurídico y Teoría Sociológica del Derecho [+Download PDF]

Pierre Guibentif: The Force of Science and the Force of Organizations. Some Exploratory Thoughts Applied to the Example of the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law [+Download PDF]

Sol Picciotto: Mediando Impugnaciones de los Derechos Privados, Públicos y de Propiedad en el Capitalismo Corporativo [+Download PDF]

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