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Vincenzo Ferrari will be the Scientific Director 2016-2018

Vincenzo FerrariVincenzo Ferrari, born 1940, received his laurea (LLM) from Milan University with full marks in 1962. Soon he became a lawyer and has been a member of the Milan Bar ever since. Simultaneously, he started his academic career under the lead of Renato Treves. Initially an assistant at Milan University’s Law School, he then read Sociology of law in Cagliari and Bologna Universities’ Law Schools, as a full professor since 1980. Called back to his Milan Alma Mater in 1990, he opted for a full time academic commitment in 2000. Besides his teaching that continued until his retirement in 2011 and his nomination as emeritus, he was dean of the Law School, director of the Doctoral School of Law, president of the University’s Committee of Ethics and rector’s delegate at international relations, especially concerned with the activities of the prestigious League of European of Research Universities. [+info]

23 Nov. - 4 Dec. 2015

Master course: Law and Anthropology - Martin Ramstedt – Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology (+info)

29 November 2015

Visiting Scholar - Lasha Bregvadze. Tbilisi State University, Georgia [+info]

1 December 2015

New issue: Oñati Socio-legal Series 5 (4) (October-December): "Legal Reforms, Social Responses to the Crisis and the Precarization of Life Conditions in Contemporary Society" [+info]

Symposium on “Rule of law – contemporary issues. Socio-legal perspectives”

Organised by the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL), Oñati, Spain and The Hague Journal on Rule of Law

To be held at the IISL, Oñati

DATE: 19 November 2015, 9:30-13.30


For further information contact Malen Gordoa malen@iisj.es

New book in Hart

Regulatory Transformations: Rethinking Economy-Society Interactions
Edited by Bettina Lange, Fiona Haines, Dania Thomas
Hart Publishing (Oñati International Series in Law & Society, vol. 53)
2015, 272 pp. ISBN: 9781849463447

Regulatory Transformations:  Rethinking Economy-Society Interactions This book integrates three distinct areas of scholarship: Karl Polanyi's economic sociology, regulation studies and socio-legal studies of transnational hazards. The collection is distinct in that it links the study of specific transnational risk regulatory regimes back to a social-theoretical discussion about economy-society interactions, informed by Polanyi's work. Each of the chapters addresses the way in which economics, as well as economic and social regulation, can never be understood separately from the social, particularly in the transnational context. [+info]

[+table of contents] [+Contributors] [+Introduction] [+buy order at a 20% discount] [+buy online (Hart)]

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