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NEW ISSUE: OSLS 4 (4) Law in the Age of Media Logic (October-December)

Issue edited by Bryna Bogoch (Bar Ilan University), Keith J. Bybee (Syracuse University), Yifat Holzman-Gazit (College of Management, Rishon Lezion) and Anat Peleg (Bar Ilan University).

Bogoch, B., Bybee, K., Holzman-Gazit, Y., Peleg, A.: Law in the Age of Media Logic: an introduction. [+Download PDF]

Bybee, K.J.: Muckraking: The Case of the United States Supreme Court. [+Download PDF]
Jones, R.A.: Media Politicization of the United States Supreme Court. [+Download PDF]
Bogoch, B., Holzman-Gazit, Y.: Promoting Justices: Media Coverage of Judicial Nominations in Israel. [+Download PDF]
Davis, R.: Political and Media Factors in the Evolution of the Media’s Role in U.S. Supreme Court Nominations. [+Download PDF]
Schneiderman, D.: Canadian Judicial Nomination Processes and the Press: ‘Interesting, in a Sleepy Sort of Way’. [+Download PDF]
Miljan, L.: Supreme Court Coverage in Canada: A Case Study of Media Coverage of the Whatcott Decision. [+Download PDF]
Haltom, W. And McCann, M.: Litigation, Mass Media, and the Campaign to Criminalize the Firearms Industry. [+Download PDF]
Spencer, R.: Do Members of the Public Have a ‘Right to Know’ about Similar Fact Evidence? The Emily Perry Story and the ‘Right to Know’ in the Context of a Fair Re-Trial. [+Download PDF]
Rose, M., Fox, R.: Public Engagement with the Criminal Justice System in the Age of Social Media. [+Download PDF]
Moran, L.J.: Managing the News Image of the Judiciary: the Role of Judicial Press Officers. [+Download PDF]
Peleg, A., Bogoch, B.: Silence is no longer golden: Media, public relations and the judiciary in Israel. [+Download PDF]

27 Oct. – 7 Nov. 2014

Course on " The Rule of Law: Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics and Reality" (+info)

By Prof. Martin Krygier (+info)

2nd November 2014

Visiting Scholar - César Pérez-Lizasuain (Puerto Rico). "Renato Treves" doctorant at Milan University, Italy [+info]

3rd November 2014

Deadline to send applications for the "Juan Celaya" grant on Globalization and Law [+info]

Letter from the Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Adam Czarnota It has been a year of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Institute and the Institute organised a big congress for almost 300 participants. It once again proved that the Institute in Onati is a focus place for the world socio-legal community.

The Institute, like all publicly funded institutes must prove its relevance to a range of different groups, and this is particularly important in a time of budget constraints. On the economic side the position of the Institute did not improve, but stabilised due to generous subsidies from the Basque Government. We are grateful to the current Basque government for continuing financial support and interest in the IISL in this difficult economic time. [+info]

Friendship schools

Our students have been today in the local High School "Txantxiku Ikastola" talking about the culture in their countries. There have been an exchange of habilities: the local students have danced and played music , and Ijeamaka Ossai has sung wonderfully:)

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