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OSLS Vol 6, No 3 (2016): Past, Present and Future of Sociology of Law

Issue edited by Adam Czarnota (International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati - Spain; University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia).

Begicevic, A. Money as Justice: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 396-425. [+PDF]
Branco, P. Courthouses as Spaces of Recognition, Functionality and Access to Law and Justice: A Portuguese Reflection. 426-441. [+PDF]
Carlet, F. Las Luchas Quilombolas y el Poder Judicial Brasileño: el Caso de la Comunidad Paiol de Telha. 442-453. [+PDF]
Costa, A.M.C. Os Limites ao Reconhecimento de Adolescentes e seus Contextos Jurídicos Culturais – uma Ilustração com o Caso Brasileiro. 454-476. [+PDF]
Duarte, M., Oliveira, A., Fernando, P. Gender and Judging in Portugal: Opinions and Perceptions. 477-495. [+PDF]
Ferreira, A.C. The Politics of Austerity as Politics of Law. 496-519. [+PDF]
Henriques, M.P. Labour Human Rights in Portugal: Challenges to Their Effectiveness. 520-542. [+PDF]
Hernández de Gante, A. Crisis del Sistema Jurídico Mexicano: entre la Reforma Penal y los Actores Sociales Contestatarios. 543-561. [+PDF]
Ibarra Rojas, L. Collective Intellectual Property in Michoacán: Negotiating Economic and Cultural Agendas in the Artisanal Field. 562-583. Available from: +PDF]
Krotoszyński, M. The Transitional Justice Models and the Justifications of Means of Dealing with the Past. 584-606. [+PDF]
Melville, A., Arrese Murguzur, S. Perceptions of Teachers at the International Institute of Sociology of Law of International Student Diversity: Barriers, Enrichment or Cosmopolitan Learning? 607-631. [+PDF]
Monciardini, D. Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Analysts: The “Architects” of the New EU Regime of Corporate Accountability. 632-655. [+PDF]
Moons, N., Hubeau, B. Conceptual and Practical Concerns for the Effectiveness of the Right to Housing. 656-675. [+PDF]
Olesen, A. Debt as a Criminal Risk Factor in Denmark. 676-706. [+PDF]
Patrignani, E. Legal Pluralism as a Theoretical Programme. 707-725. [+PDF]
Payero, L. El Esencialismo Constitucional: la Constitución Española al Servicio de la Unidad Nacional. 726-748. [+PDF]
Peršak, N. Procedural Justice Elements of Judicial Legitimacy and their Contemporary Challenges. 749-770. [+PDF]
Romani Sancho, L. La Posición de Mujeres y Hombres en los Primeros Puestos de las Listas Electorales: Impacto la de Presencia Equilibrada. 771-794. [+PDF]
Salento, A. The Financialization of Companies in Italy. 795-815. [+PDF]


Scamardella, F. Governance in Times of Globalisation: the Kaleidoscope of the Legal System. 816-836. [+PDF]
Schömer, E. Sweden, a Society of Covert Racism: Equal from the Outside: Everyday Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Swedish Society. 837-856. [+PDF]
Schwartz, G., Costa, R.A. Fleck, A.S.B. How Does Football Influence the Political System and Juridify Social Movements? Brazil, June 2013. 857-876. Available from: +PDF]
Umaña, C.E., Pires, A.P. Derechos Humanos y Penas Radicales: ¿Crítica o Justificación? La Recepción del Derecho Internacional Humanitario en el Código Penal Colombiano. 877-900. [+PDF]

Case studies

Arrese Murguzur, S., Pérez-Perdomo, R. El Máster de Sociología Jurídica de Oñati: la Percepción de los Graduados. Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 6 (3), 901-919. [+PDF]
28 October 2016

Visiting Scholar - Ilaria Lazzerini. University of Milan, Italy [+info]

4 November 2016

Visiting Scholar - Natália Bittencourt Otto. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil [+info]

7 November 2016

Visiting Scholar - Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo. University of Helsinki, Finland [+info]

Letter from the Scientific Director

Adam CzarnotaAnother academic year is over in the IISL in Oñati. It has been a very intense year. In the Institute we have 19 students from different parts of the world. Since 1 April we host 16 workshops plus 3 bilkuras. The year was indeed very busy.
Enrolment for next year has been successful and the Institute will have excellent master students.
For me it was the last year in Oñati as the academic director.  Professor Vincenzo Ferrari will take over the directorship from 1 September 2016. I wish him successes in his term in the office and also realisation of his plans. [+info]


El Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica de Oñati clausura su programa de workshops

El programa de workshops del Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica de Oñati llega a su fin, con el seminario que se va a celebrar el jueves y viernes de esta semana. En él se va a analizar la figura del fiscal, a nivel nacional e internacional. Heather Douglas (T.C. Bierne School of Law, University of Queensland, Australia) y Philip Stenning (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia) serán los encargados de coordinar el workshop que lleva por título "The Evolving Role of the Prosecutor, Domestically and Internationally". [+programme] [+press release]

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